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Cover of Exceptional Parents Magazine

Exceptional Parents
Gives parents of children with disabilities practical advice on meeting their special needs, including a comprehensive resource guide, with information about parent organizations and programs.

Cover of Parenting Magazine

Regular features address such issues as healthy growth, social-emotional development, and childhood illnesses. It also contains parent buying guides.

Cover of Parents Magazine

Includes regular features on behavior, health and safety and a variety of articles on development.


April-May 2014

Helps parents make the best, most practical choices for their children. Features safe and nutritious food choices, family wellness tips and fun enviornmental educational projects and more.

Cover of Working Mother Magazine

Working Mother
Features a variety of articles on raising healthy and happy children. Also offers practical tips on balancing family and work.

Cover of American Baby Magazine

American Baby
A guide for expectant and new parents with information they need to know about pregnancy and baby care. Articles include expert advice, news, personal stories, and pro

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