School orientation day is somehow one of the most stressful days of a student’s life. It is normal to be nervous but preparation is vital as always. Below is a list of factors to expect on your school orientation day.



Here’s What to Expect at Your School Orientation Day


New Friends and Familiar Faces

Being in a new environment it will be obvious that you will be meeting new people. This is one of the best moments of the school orientation day as you will come across those people who will eventually be your best friends and classmates. However, do not be surprised if you also meet some familiar faces. Expect to meet nice, shy, and rude mates all under one roof. 

Be Ready to Smile

Make sure to be smart on the orientation day or else you may regret it for years. Dress up smartly and pamper yourself with the best hairstyle and do not forget to build up your mood to smile at the camera. On that day you will be taking a photo for the school ID. Offer your best shot because you will use the same ID for years. Moreover, pictures may be taken for the school magazine.

Get a Notebook

Every school official that you are going to meet will definitely offer a speech providing valuable details. At the same time, this is like an activity to create an impression for themselves. Therefore, it is recommendable that you have a notebook with you to note essential details like school bus timing, school uniforms, and stationeries.

Do not be Scared

On the school orientation day, you will be introduced to an endless list of Rules and Regulations. Moreover, most of the school officials will showcase a strict attitude. Do not scare yourself by that because it is obvious that everyone wishes to establish authority on the first day.

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